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[Chinese construction machinery brand network Recently, known in the industry as the Chinese economic sphere "Oscar" award "CCTV China Economic Person of the Year Award was announced. , Chairman of Zoomlion (000157) Zhan pure new lead Zoomlion, with its outstanding performance in international mergers and acquisitions, was elected the "2011 China Economic Person of the Year". won this award, top brands - Italy CIFA Zhan pure new lead Zoomlion successful acquisition of the worlds concrete machinery after three years. The past three years, with the famous construction machinery sector is dirty transplantation ", no rejection, well-run the CIFA performance increase of 39% in January-October 2011. In the time of acquisition, faced with a financial crisis in the European economic slump, CIFA was desperate. Zoomlion acquired CIFA industry certainly, "Lenovo Group acquired IBMs personal computer business" shortly before it was named along with the top five classic case of overseas investment. is more important is that this time, mergers and acquisitions brought about a far-reaching impact of the development of Chinas construction machinery. Global management philosophy, founded by mergers and acquisitions in the associated mode, the operation of the global market resources, all the Chinese construction machinery into the new development concept and development of space. Zhan Chunxin therefore known as the "Chinese bricks making machine china manufacturer of construction machinery in the backbone. integration of these sub-brands the
“4-dimensional” docking the international market
as early as at the end of 2007, its Zhan pure new “Alliance”, “Pu Yuan”, “successful” , unified, “Vanda” brand presence in the international market, his mind has been a “internationalize” the sandbox: “strive in five years, more products with its own brand pin comprehensive docking with the International, in the four dimensions of the technology, market, brand, capital overseas. “
2008, Zoomlion acquired CIFA announced that the expansion of overseas markets in full swing. Zoomlion overseas business has covered more than 70 countries around the world. Zoomlion overseas marketing network construction rapid development in the first half of 2011, a combination of direct sales with large customers as the main regional distributors, worldwide marketing network.
June 21 this year, Zoomlion buyout high-end tower crane experts recognized by the international community, Germany JOST topless tower series full set of technology. The tower crane technology and the design of the tower crane, represents the most advanced level of todays global tower crane, called the the world tower crane standard. The integration Zoomlion tower crane technology rapidly leading to internationally leading across from China. the
“technology bricks making machine china factory international docking significant terms for Chinese construction machinery. We not only introduced the worlds most advanced tower crane technology, has also introduced a full range of technical training, which will improve the entire ride machine industry technical standards, innovation and by attracting transformed the Chinese tower crane stood at a high level. Zhan pure new future technologies docking Zoomlion internationalization “standard action”. of the capital docking internationalization has been started. Exactly one year from Zoomlion H shares of the Global Offering, the process of rapid development of Zoomlion, the capital market has played a huge catalyst. Leveraging the H-shares in the operation of the globalization of the world to raise funds, Zoomlion is the gradual completion of capital.
Looking at the course of development of the world-class Caterpillar, Komatsu and other construction machinery enterprises, mostly experienced products to the international market by domestic products internationalization process of transition to the internationalization of capital. Visible, Zhan Chun under the new management of Zoomlion bring the Chinese construction machinery industry has taken the pace to compete with international giants.
9 acquisitions record associated mode “Up to now, the Zhan pure new led Zoomlion experienced a total of nine times the cross-regional, cross-border mergers and acquisitions integration, by way of mergers and acquisitions in the associated The Zoomlion quickly complete the layout of the international market. 2008 acquisition of Italian CIFA, scale and integration to make life difficult for the history of the development of Chinas construction machinery only, and this successful merger integration, so that has always been proud of the Europeans in the heavy industry of Chinese manufacturers to eliminate the The door first see Europe and wider overseas market for construction machinery in China to open up and lay the cornerstone.
from mergers and acquisitions, Zoomlion and explore cultural identity and values-based, intangible assets the activation tangible assets, the use of strong absorption and transformation of innovation ability to effectively promote and M & A business in the manufacturing system, channels , brand, and cultural aspects of the progressive fusion actively into the worlds leading business model associated mode. Of Today, the “Alliance Mode” has been a market validation. In the merger and acquisition of CIFA, Zhan pure set a new goal: “To do the worlds top ten construction machinery. Three years later, in the global construction machinery manufacturers ranking, Zoomlion leapt 8, an increase of 11 compared to 2008, Chinas construction machinery manufacturing world label. the Zhan Chun said the new, international is the only way to build a world-class engineering machinery enterprises, mergers and acquisitions is undoubtedly a shortcut. “Zoomlion Zoomlion bricks making machine china wholesale acquisition mode methodology, more wealth and experience of Chinas construction machinery. Go out the with the integration of the world economy, the potential of unlimited Chinese construction machinery market has attracted a lot of foreign investment into the lesson leading Chinese construction machinery, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Terex, Volvo, Hitachi and other international line construction machinery enterprises have increased their investment in China, domestic competing bricks making machine china suppliers contention fierce. At the same time, the vast overseas market has also attracted the domestic construction machinery enterprises have been “going out”, continue to increase efforts to expand overseas. Zoomlion overseas markets,
2011 moves frequently: 52 m long arm pump for the first time to enter Saudi Arabia, and sign cranes exported to Saudi Arabias largest orders; 30 sets of pump trucks exported to Japan to support Fukushima earthquake reconstruction work; buyout tower crane high-end experts in Germany JOST topless tower full set of technology products. the Zhan pure new view, from the overall trend of the industry, mechanical engineering enterprises must go out. He said that, in the case of excess capacity, only “going out” in order to break through the bottleneck, in order to complete the transformation of the international prerequisite for the effective integration of global resources, “corner overtaking. Zoomlion world-class enterprise objectives are very clear, that is, within the next five years to achieve sales of over 000 billion into the worlds top five. the international development Throughout Zoomlion Road, you can see that can crack the domestic industry chain extends to overseas competition stalemate puzzle, and mergers and acquisitions is the “internationalization” of the most direct and effective way. Meanwhile, Zoomlion derived from the practice, the Chinese enterprises to international, we must first localization. That is, to integrate into the local culture, do local businesses. Chinese enterprises to integrate into the new international attitude, that is inclusive, sharing and responsibility. For Chinas construction machinery are to be to learn from the experience.
“I want to Allianz Group playing an international construction machinery industry cluster, to build a lead of Chinas construction machinery industry aircraft carrier, but also want to see the Chinese construction machinery enterprises collective on the world competitive arena in the world in the construction machinery industry has the right to speak. “Zhan pure new dictionary,” internationalization “is the most difficult to write the words, but he had to straighten the backbone to continue writing. Zhan pure new convinced that in the next decade, China will certainly be able to produce “Komatsu” and “Caterpillar”, the birth of a world-class enterprise for Endeavour in Chinese construction machinery enterprises is not a dream.