The Groups overall market restart Clay brick machine wholesale Qinchuan development will be machine injection machinery assets

HC Machinery Industry Network] is the restructuring of the Qin Chuan development (000,837, stock it) canceled a scheduled yesterday at the online investor reception Day because the company is in a restructuring of the suspension period. According to the latest announcement this week, the major asset restructuring terminated by the company last year to start again, will be injected into the Qin Chuan Group held all of the assets related to machine tools, which means that has been outside the focus of the Groups overall market, there has been substantial progress .

Qinchuan development

February 25 suspension should resume trading on March 26, but this week the company released the announcement in turn resumption date postponed to April 1. The company further disclosed the path of the planned restructuring: the company intends to issue shares to buy Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Company on largest shareholder held machine tool machinery research and development, manufacturing, sales-related operating assets, liabilities and equity. This means that on the the Qin Chuan Groups main operating assets into the listed company, listed as a whole to start again.

Qin Chuan Group with the Department of listed companies, small companies, large corporations “pattern, the Group listed as a whole is expected to have been strongly. At present, the development of Qin Department of State clay brick machine wholesale within grinders field leading total share capital of 349 million, total assets of 21 billion yuan. In 2012, in the case of the downstream commercial vehicles, engineering machinery orders fell, the Company completed the operating income of $ 1.2 billion, a profit of 10.86 million yuan. And Qin Chuan Group is a major shareholder is the field of domestic equipment manufacturing industry of machine tools for the main business enterprise group, since 2006, Qin Chuan Qin Chuan development, Hanjiang Machine Tool, the Hanjiang tools and Baoji Machine Tool integration and restructuring and the acquisition of joint industrial companies holding-shaped clay brick machine supplier type. China CNC Machine Tool network, only the first half of 2011, Group operating income of $ 42.7 billion.

as early as June 2008, a listed company on the announcement, said Qinchuan Group received Shaanxi Province SASAC issued a circular, clear efforts to promote Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Corporation group groups and big companies listed as a whole. ” In the first half of 2010, the Qin Chuan ushered in the development of institutions Clay brick machine factory intensive research, and the top ten shareholders of the company semi-annual disclosure, in addition to the Qin Chuan Group, and the remaining nine are funds occupied. However, it was not until May 2012, Qin Chuan development was officially suspension planned issue of shares to the Group and its associated companies, the acquisition of its holdings of all machine tools and other related operating assets and liabilities, while supporting fund-raising. However, in June of that year, the company announced the termination of the restructuring, the reason is not yet with each of the counterparties agree on restructuring matters the final Clay Brick machine manufacturer.

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