The cause of environmental protection, the German block machine china factory base mechanical action

3 23, D & G Machinery offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, location and staff family to carry out the activities of the “Earth Hour”. Activities during the D & G Machinery Activities T-shirts, participants in the elaborate posters autograph paid to employees, spread the concept of green together.


Durkee mechanical staff signature active posters

Earth Hour, you and I and those involved


paid to employees active promotional color page

G Machinery Initiative staff to the family as a unit, the same day from 20:30 to block machine china factory 21:30, voluntarily turn off their lights for one hour. Each family wore T-shirts, holding candles, and pray for a better tomorrow.


Durkee mechanical staff to participate in Earth Hour activities


G Machinery chairman Lennon H. energy and general manager of Miss Cai Qunli activities in Hong Kong to participate in Earth Hour


executive deputy general manager of Jing Lius participation in Earth Hour activities


staff and family participation in lights hours activities

back in early March, as our road construction machinery manufacturing energy pioneer in the field of D & G Machinery has been the first production base to expand the activities of the “Earth Hour”, and orchestrated the March 23 Day “Earth Hour” campaign. The event of the successful completion of the efforts of all the staff can not be separated from the company, but also reflects the G Machinery always adhere to the concept of “efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection, renewable”.

Over the years, D & G Machinery create economic wealth for the community at the same time, have also been concerned about environmental protection. G Machinery actively explore research collaboration with research institutes and institutions of higher education, the establishment of a specialized renewable technology research and application technology center, and continue to contribute suggestions for Chinas environmental protection cause. Hope that by virtue of its demonstration effect took the lead in the green at the same time called on all employees of D & G Machinery the block machine china wholesale customers and partners, and partners together to participate in “Earth Hour” campaign. & Block machine china suppliers nbsp;


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