Shantui block machine china wholesale machinery company marketing system to enhance probity risk prevention and control system

since 2013, Shantui Machinery Company marketing system through a series of measures to strengthen the a clean risk prevention and control system, has gradually established a set of complete honesty and risk prevention and control system. of the Chinese New Year has just passed, the company marketing department will organize all the marketing staff to participate in the the clean risk management and control and related legal knowledge training, training instructors from the related functions of the person in charge of the audit of the Ministry of Justice to invite to play a series of clear-cut examples to explain let parameters training profound understanding to honest practitioners of self, family, businesses, and even of social significance. After training, the the block machine china wholesale trainees scene signed personal undertaking solemn commitment to strict compliance with the relevant rules and regulations of the various state laws and the companys day-to-day work process, honest business, earnestly perform their duties, give full play companies and agents, the customers role as a link. Shantui Machinery Company 2013 marketing network cooperation agents have all signed the the “the honest practitioners oversight agreement”, agents promised Shantui Machinery Company in the ordinary course of business to carry out the process of mutual supervision, build Shantui Forklift sales team block of honest practitioners machine china supplier management evaluation system, the maintenance of regional harmony, fair market competition environment, to achieve win-win cooperation.
“personal undertaking” and “honest practitioners supervision agreement” is not just a form of a solemn commitment, Shantui Machinery Company honesty and risk prevention and control system as an important part of through this form and subsequent block machi block machine china manufacturers ne china factory unscheduled inspection and supervision, to further standardize the companys management to guide the companys marketing staff and agents to establish a clean business style of work, diligence and pragmatic, fast and efficient for 2013 the completion of the companys annual sales task is to build a solid marketing team.