Online cross-concrete block machine factory easy to lead the new channels of construction machinery parts

Chinas construction machinery industry through the golden years, has been the development of construction machinery industry manufacturing power, a number of enterprises occupy a place in the overseas market, Chinas leading enterprises have mergers and acquisitions overseas well-known enterprises. Since 2012, construction machinery parts will become the focus of development.

enter “1025″ if companies can not focus on solving key parts of the research and development, will certainly be controlled by others. Key parts of construction machinery construction machinery products development, support and constraints bottlenecks. Master the field of mechanical engineering, the only solution to the production of key components, enterprises will be concrete block machine manufacturer with core competencies.

Last year, Chinas online shopping transaction size reached 1.304 trillion yuan, an increase of 66.2% over the previous year, of which only the Alibaba over one trillion yuan, the highest single-day amounted to 19.1 billion yuan. The fiery development trend and electricity supplier the physical retail growth fell last year, even a number of international and domestic entities retail giant domestic chain stores have been closed.

ClickZ Network, according to statistics, last year, Chinas online shopping transaction size reached 1.304 trillion yuan, an increase of 66.2% over the previous year. The fiery development trend and electricity supplier Instead, entities retail growth fell last year, and even a number of international and domestic entities retail giant domestic chain stores have been closed. Large-scale retail enterprises in 2011, the monthly growth rate remained above 20%, but the growth rate of most months of 2012, the retail business has been reduced to 10%.

“12th Five-Year Plan that major mechanical projects is the focus of the development of Chinas manufacturing industry, with the accumulation of a certain period in the past, especially heavy concrete block machine wholesale large manufacturing projects have a certain amount of experience With sufficient funds and ample talent pool. Investment construction machinery key components hardware field is the time. Of course, even invest and build factories, sales channel establishment is still a problem, the traditional sales channels engineering machinery accessories sales channel, multi margin squeeze faced by these agents, distributors, retailers, if the enterprise in a large open platform, directly facing the end-user sales, in terms of profit gains, customer service, brand building great convenience. The needs of businesses and end customers, fountain workers Mall: accessories trading platform, 24 hours a day to provide various channels of accessories products, and provides an easy way for end users to buy accessories, as well as the accessories business enterprises to create a new product sales platform. Run workers Mall: hope more “ground gas”. In addition to increasing the stores building, construction machinery online CMOL.COM guide businesses in particular, to increase the bucket teeth, hydraulic oil filter, fuel injector, bucket tooth pin, hydraulic oil and other commodities online supply. In addition, in a bid to young consumers are more inclined to Run for mall page design.

accessories industry fierce market competition so that enterprises have to playing twelfth spirit of innovation to find new development ideas, lip workers Mall: Accessories The trading platform is the best choice. Complicated market environment, in the face of fierce market competition pattern, lip workers Mall give construction machinery parts enterprises to provide new sales channels. It can be foreseen that a new game is waiting for your e-commerce road construction machinery parts. Join the platform as soon as possible, early market opportunities.

also launched the construction machinery loan calculator concrete block machine factory, mortgages and mortgage loan calculator loan calculator for construction machinery of various brands of machine products, including excavators, loaders, cars crane machine and phone. Construction machinery excavator loan calculator equal principal repayment method, two repayment of principal and interest equal repayment method. Construction machinery loan calculator helps you calculate in equal installments of principal and equal installments of principal and interest repayment methods, for the month of each period, total interest and total repayment plans to make the repayments in the use of commercial loans. The launch of construction machinery loan calculator, indeed for the majority of customers to buy a real affordable.

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Engineering Machinery loan calculator

Run workers Mall online store and the store into Concrete block machine suppliers in this structure. The store demanding lot, because the traffic is the life for the store, online shop flow is certainly important, but the most essential thing is how to flow into the service feedback to the user, fountain workers Mall have the confidence to do this.