10 thoughts on “New Kids On The Block – Making Of “Dirty Dancing” Video

  1. Oh no! Is this the video that was made from that movie they did in Germany?
    If so…oh gosh, it really sucked and I think they should do something
    else. I love these guys but that is a bad choice for a video esp for Dirty

  2. i dont expect to much…it must be a movie trailler…i
    think….anyway…just love to see them!Thanks for sharing!Cant wait to see
    the movie too..

  3. wow, the guy that plays the husband is reeeeaaaallllyyy hot! compared to
    the video… i think the guys were a little intimidated, but dont worry
    though cuz i still think nkotb it WAAAAAYYYYYY HOTTTTTEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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