17 thoughts on “Mold Making And Casting: 73-25 Irregular Block Mold

  1. You had mentioned on how to calculate the amount of silicone with the use of rice. What would your recommend to caculate the amount of resin needed, without actural using the resin.

  2. This mold uses such a small volume of resin it is easiest just to mix up 8 oz or so and pour it.

  3. Just found your page, your products look great.
    I’m making 1/6 scale collection figures, I’m modeling them using premo sculpey, they are highly detail figures, I had never made copies before, so I don’t know what to use to make a mold that holds the detail, and then what material use to cast them?, I plan to paint them with an airbrush using acrylic paint (that is what I use with the sculpey figures), which of your products is best for it and do you have a video of it?

  4. As far as detail goes, all of our silicones will capture detail well beyond what is visible to the naked eye. The main consideration in choosing a silicone is the flexibility of the silicone. Small, intricate patterns tend to require a softer silicone to pull around deep undercuts. 73-15 and 73-25 would both be a good match for that application. As for casting, EZ Flo 60 is the lowest viscosity resin for casting small, detailed parts that may be painted.

  5. The number of pulls will depend on the type of resin cast and the cycle time of the casts, i.e. how long they spend in the mold. As for the mold itself, this particular platinum formula is very stable and will last many years.

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