March 20 filling machines Concrete block making the factory mechanical Popular industries with distribution – Ali Index

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industry Name industrial belt region industrial belt index number payment number industry with distribution with hot industry
filling machinery Henan Erqi District 60 859 0 maps Popular industries
charge concrete block making plant filling machinery Shanghai Minhang District 45.9 319 distribution Figure Popular industries
filling machinery Concrete block making wholesale Shanghai 42.4 128 0 maps popular industry
filling machinery Guangdong Dongguan City the 38.8 140 0 maps popular industry
filling machinery Shandong Weifang Qingzhou 36.7 281 0 distribution Figure Concrete bloc Concrete block making suppliers k making manufacturers popular industry

the industrial belt Index: the number of businesses, the number of products and buyers to pay the amount calculated using the; number of the product: the Internet the number of product supply; the payment number: the last 30 days the successful payment total number of items;