March 17 concrete machinery industry City Concrete block making machine factory farm prices – Ali Index

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Statistics Date Price Index supply index purchase index trends
2013-03-16 </td
2013 of The> 76.958 the 2,838.75 688.67 trends
78.654 2,815.9 688.3 trends
2013-03-14 75.938 2,819.94 721.01 trends
2013-03-13 76.11 2,803.02 720.52 trend Figure
of 2013-03-12 77.588 2,785.25 744.27 trend Figure
2013-03-11 77.812 2,795.33 698.9 concrete block concrete concrete block making machine suppliers block making machine manufacturer The making machine Wholesale 8 trend
2013-03-10 78.036 2,799.45 663.16 trends

Price Index concrete block making machine factory: According to the industry Internet prices from a comprehensive value, the higher the index means that the higher the price; the supply index: According to the industry in which the Internet supply product number into an integrated value, the higher the index, said supply products more; the procurement Index: According to the industry search frequently from an integrated value, the higher the index, said the purchase amount is more;