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InternationalConstruction agency announced on April 6 YellowTable2013, list, the engineering block machine china wholesale the column thirty-one global machinery enterprises fifth place. InternationalConstruction pointed out that the “three ones still led by Chinas largest equipment manufacturers, and ranked fifth in the world. “

the YellowTable2013 data published in the April 6 show, the column thirty-one global construction machinery enterprises.


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YellowTable2013 list of survey results will be published in the April edition of “InternationalConstruction” magazine. Preliminary estimates, Sany Heavy construction equipment sales revenue in 2012 amounted to $ 7.929 billion U.S. dollars, slightly higher than the $ 7.861 billion in 2011. Thirty-one ranking improved to fifth place and replaced before the fifth Liebherr Liebherr fell to 7. Caterpillar and Komatsu still ranked 1 and 2, Hitachi beyond Volvo No. 3. Trinity Groups total revenue among the top 50 proportion remained unchanged at 4.3%.

Sany America chairman Tim Frank said: “To achieve the worlds No. 5 ranking is a very difficult thing, Chinas economy witness Sanys success in overseas markets outside of China, “achievement of progress in the world, Trinity Group will be continued in the future force. Our company is built on a solid foundation for continued growth and ambitious goals. Now, we have gone beyond the Liebherr, Volvo will be the next target. “

2012 Nian 50 global construction machinery manufacturers total revenues of $ 186 billion, representing an increase of 2.6% over 2011. Editor of “InternationalConstruction” Chris Slater block machine china suppliers, the lack of strong growth attributed to weakness in the Chinese economy. “Last year the market although some growth, but the development trend of relatively sluggish, the 2013 block machine china manufacturers YellowTable2013 video can preview. Drag on economic growth, a key factor is the weakness in the Chinese market last year.

Chinese manufacturers ranked in the top 50 in the decline, said Chris Slater, or even a company dropped out of the top 50 list. Overall, the total income of Chinese manufacturers in 2012 to $ 27.9 billion U.S. dollars, a decrease of approximately 12% year-on-year in 2011. Slater said: “This is the first time in 10 years, Chinese manufacturers YellowTable statistics, earnings and stock both fell.

top 10 manufacturers accounted for two-thirds of the income of the top 50 of the global construction machinery enterprises, the results speak for themselves, & block machine china Factory ldquo; these large, long occupied the first-tier vendors how pivotal. “Chris Slater says.