Increased investment in railway construction: will pull the construction machinery block making machines from china manufacturing business

March this year, the railway system most of the reform of the implementation of the future railway investment growth block making machines from china factory Tim variables. Disclosed on March 10, 2013, the State Council institutional reform and functional transformation program, rail transport scheduling unified command, responsible for the business operations of railway passenger and freight transport, railway investment and construction tasks by the newly formed China Railway Company, and other planning policy, supervision and management functions assigned to the Ministry of Transport and the newly formed National Railway Bureau, the former Ministry of Railways is no longer reserved. the railway construction investment increase: will pull the construction machinery industry experienced a 2011 railway construction funds tensions, railway investment showed a trend of accelerated growth. The former Ministry of Railways in June 2012, August, September increased by three consecutive fixed assets investment plan, Chinas 2012 iron block making machines from china manufacturing trade routes of investment in fixed assets increased to 630 billion yuan, an increase of 9 %, of which the railway infrastructure investment amounted to 516 billion yuan. Based on research and analysis of the National Development and Reform Commission Transport “2012 to 2013, Chinas railway development report, 2013 to 2015, the demand for investment in railway construction scale of 1.8 trillion yuan, of which need to complete the investment in 6000 to 650 billion yuan in 2013 . functions of the railway passenger and freight transport operators, investment and construction program to the newly formed China Railway Company, the city block making machines Company Description field from china wholesale domestic railway infrastructure investment for the future development of the original trend some concerns. Based on the following two major reasons, we firmly optimistic about the future prospects for the development of the railway infrastructure industry. First of all, compared to other major countries in the world, the development of the railway network in China is still very behind. of the Chinas cargo density of a long period of high, about twice the size of Russia and Japan, France 9 times, 11 times that of the United Kingdom, the cargo capacity is very prominent, continue to build a railway network is a necessary means to solve the transport demand. In 2010, Chinas railway 91,000 km, and the United States by 2005 the railway mileage of 272,800 km. Generally believe that China has 200,000 kilometers from the demand point of view is more reasonable. The scale of construction, 2030 to reach 200,000 kilometers, so are less likely to decline in the next ten years Chinas railway investment is expected to remain basically stable or increased slightly. Secondly, the effect of railway infrastructure for GDP growth significantly. the case in the real estate driven GDP is suppressed, railways, roads, electricity and other infrastructure investment has become an effective means to boost GDP growth. Huge role in boosting the steel, cement, engineering machinery and other industries increase investment in railways, railway put into operation, and can effectively reduce the social cost of logistics, to further promote economic development. In the long term, investment in railways is a booster of economic growth, and will not form a similar value of the assets of the real estate bubble, investment is beneficial to the peoples livelihood. Therefore, based on the investment in railways leading role of Chinas GDP is significant, it is expected that the state will not be suspended or slashed railway project on the block making machines from china suppliers support. Central bank vice governor Liu Yu also said: “The state support measures and support policies of the Ministry of Railways, the original loan or bonds unchanged, so that the loans of commercial banks Railway Company, various types of institutional investors held by China Railway bonds of the Corporation will not change because of the reform of the Ministry of Railways credit. “