25 thoughts on “How to Measure For Bodice Block Pattern Making (Free Sample)

  1. This was a very informative video, but I have two questions. What is the significance of the white paper’s 2.5cm width?  Does the length of the paper matter, or is it simply a flat guide?

  2. Block pattern is a pattern which is close fitting. It is your true measurements, without any ease or styling ease added to it. Once you have a block pattern such as a bodice, pants or skirt block, then you can style it as you like. It is the foundation on which you start your garment on.

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  4. I wanted to ask. I once read somewhere that the ‘center back length’ was taken from the nape of the neck to the waist at the back. Here the back bodice length is being taken which is obviously different from that. While making the pattern for the bodice is it better to use one or the other? or both?

  5. Both ways of measuring are valid. It really depends on the way you draft your pattern for that area.

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  6. Both are important. The back length measurment here in video will determine the angle of the shoulder point, while the centre back length you mention will dertermine how long the centre back is affecting the curve of the back neck.

  7. we are suppose to use this method of measuring on a real person right? to take the measurement from?

  8. Advice needed on automated pattern cutting machine/software

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. we are looking to purchase an automated fabric and pattern cutting table plus the necessary software (our feeling is that we would have to buy an existing software and rewrite it to our needs) if any one can recommend us any software/machines; we are looking to buy top of the range but to suit out needs. we would be very grateful for any advice you can give us

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