25 thoughts on “How It’s Made Engine Blocks

  1. Oh, come on, where are u living?? Almost every secret org. in US confirmed experiment over humans. Not directly. Over 50 state prisons confirmed putting chemicals in water, injecting uranium oxide into blood system, taking organs and selling them, and most important experimenting with special viruses including artificial examples of HIV, H1N1, H5N1, and others. I’m off now. Enough spam for this video.

  2. no this technology is getting more and more affordable. TODA racing makes their own 4 cylinder racing engine blocks. This video is done using a “caste” system. Machine shops also use a mill or CNC machine to cut an engine block out of a solid square piece of steel or aluminum. Which is much stronger than this way. BUt more expensive.

  3. Most likely a microwave oven in every household that can afford one. Sounds like an useful invention to me & this is as far I’ll go in playing the silly game you starting.

  4. You people need to understand, there are only 3 ways of making metal stronger (in terms of ductility, strength, hardness). CAST(low pressure, high pressure, gravity, semi-solid, etc..), FORGED(wrought, hot rolled, fixed steel dies, etc..) and SINTERED POWDER. They are mechanical ways, also there’s chemical ways (alloying, etc).
    Machining doesn’t increase the strength of metals, particularly billets, because they are cast, and have same mechanical properties like standard casting.

  5. Most things are not ‘invented’ in one step by one person or one country, most of these things are improvements over time on things and concepts already known by many people.

  6. Chemical solutions are also used to strengthen metals as well, but otherwise you are 100 percent correct. Aluminum alloys are treated in hot chemical solutions to strengthen them in addition to adding elements such as magnesium, silicon, copper and titanium.

  7. Would love to see a video, if there is one, on how they cast engine blocks back when the internal combustion engine was developed. The true geniuses in the world, the ones who conceive of machines and stuff.

  8. Probably from copper. Engine blocks need to be extremely strong, and pure aluminium isn’t strong enough. Engine block alloy usually has silicon, nickel, zinc and copper added for extra strength.

    The copper will give a green flame.

  9. I inspect 3.5 and 3.7 ford engine blocks for defects before they go to ford. To see how they cast the block before it gets to me is awesome!

  10. first electric motor, first lath machine, first gasolin engine, first jet craft, first synthitc rubber,all these invetions bu german

  11. it depends on what you call “american”. are there truly any “american” inventions because none of them were invented by native americans?

  12. look for” Master hands’, building chevrolets in 1936. it shows the same casting techniques,but done by hand instead of robots.

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