Hollow Block Manufacturing Plant- Columbia Machine Equipment model 1600

Model 1600 Concrete Products Machine, Pallet 940mm x 470mm, Pallet Transfer System/ UL37, Product Cubing, QBR200. Columbia Machine, Inc.

9 thoughts on “Hollow Block Manufacturing Plant- Columbia Machine Equipment model 1600

  1. What is the mixing ratio for making a hollow concrete block machine? Thanks for your help. Cool operation.

  2. Ratio depends on availability of aggregates. Usually 10-15% cements with water/ 15% fine aggregate or sand/ 70-75% coarse aggregates. Ratio to be determined by sieve analysis or supplier of aggregates.

  3. Yes. It is cleans the pallet off with a brush and applies small amount of oil for cleaning. We also have a pallet turnover which will flip the pallet between uses to keep the pallet flat as well as clean.

  4. Do you guys have a sensor for moisture measurement in the mixer? Who does fabricate it? and the vibration is on the block mold or on the table?

  5. yes.. we have a moisture probe. The probe is a purchased item. We manufacture all our equipment. patented mold vibration… better for mpa and product consistency. Thanks

  6. Technology is both. It is patented CVT Columbia vibration technology. Production depends on whether your bricks are placed flat or on edge. Pallet Size is 470mmX940mm (Medium size)

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