Discount and passion of the radar watch the French Open romantic AAC Block Machine

6 months in Paris although is summer, the the weather temperature difference, noon Jiaoyangsihuo, morning and evening chill was very hot, the French Open tennis tournament, in such weather in the famous Luo Lanjia Los stadium Kasai. Biggest red clay tennis in this world, and has been all the top players is the hardest races to conquer, and and therefore attract elite tennis players and tennis enthusiasts from around the world. Chinese media and his party, the first face-to-face, feel the charm of the French Open, the first experience everywhere in the unique French romance and passion, first all appreciate the intimacy Rado French Open.

Rado president decryption Tennis Love

Reporter: Rado why love tennis?

President: precise, tight, elegant and superb skills, is a tennis tournament attracts enthusiasts. This business philosophy coincides with the pursuit of high quality and Rado. That is why Rado tennis game with the perfect combination of one of the main reasons to become invincible. 20 years, Rado actively involved in various tennis tournaments, has become its traditional advertising can not be ignored complementary part. Global sports enthusiasts Rado as synonymous with the game of tennis, the best proof of this fact is the successful strategy of Rado.

Reporter: Rado sponsorship of the Australian Open and the French Open Whats the difference?

President: Australian Open pay more attention to the Asian world, while the French Open is more emphasis on European atmosphere. Two competitions have their own characteristics, and complement each other, fully showcase the radar elegance.

Reporter: radar the table select spokesperson standard is it? What spokesperson match temperament Rado?

President: Any individual achievement, at the same time is very smart, a special understanding of the celebrities listed in the Rado choice, because such traits closer cultural ideas Rado Rado. We choose this year in China, Zhang Jingchu as the new ambassador, she is not only beautiful, but also fresh, unique and very intellectual, it is a perfect fit with the Rado brand! Of course, many famous tennis star is Rado friends like the German players TommyHaas ambassador of Rado, like doubles tennis player Zheng Jie and Yan Zi This also came to the Roland Garros VIP Area Rado and Chinese media gathered a.

Reporter: what are the characteristics of Rados new season? What is the principle of radar table followed by the introduction of new products?

President: Rado Basel Watch Fair this year launched a brand new “RADOTRU AAC Block Machine low price E Rado True Series”, which is set two worlds first technology in a watch, satin frosted and decorated grain high-tech ceramics, is Rado has been the brand of classic design and unique material combination road.

Reporter: Rado sales strategy in China is what?

President: China market is getting better and better, in the growing spending power of the Chinese people, Rado design by the Chinese people like Chinese people are very willing to buy expensive watches. Last year Rado fastest sales growth in the first half of this year has exceeded the growth in the same period last year. The sales of the Chinese market is the worlds first, in a very important position and the needs of Chinese consumers, we can do special watches designed specifically for the Chinese market.

Reporter: Rado distinctive design unique is it?

President: In the annals of brand Rado record we get many international design competition awards, such as Creamica new overall ceramic series Original the founding-type series, as well as Cerix Sairui Fox series. Timeless classic beauty of the season we do not pursue fleeting fashion, but across time and space constraints, material development and innovation, we have been not relented.

Reporter: Rado launched in China more mechanical watch, whether it means that the new positioning in the product design?

President: no new positioning, because many consumers like mechanical watches, so while others focus on the promotion of. Rado annual sales total only 15% to 20% of the mechanical watch. In view the Rado pursuit of quality mechanical watches special attention to the elegance of the product shape.

Rado tennis love romance

The mid-1980s, AAC Block Machine low cost Rado Cup tennis tournament in Switzerland the GSTAAD held the radar, radar table tennis success cooperation career began as a sponsor. Rado will soon become the international tennis official timer suppliers with extraordinary performance at a number of events, and its unique design personality come out on top in many easy to wear watches manufacturers become all the most important partners of the tennis tournament.

Proved firmly engaged in the support of a sport, it is totally worth it. As mentioned in its product strategy, the Rado believe the purpose and continuity to carry out marketing activities, there will be effective in the same area. With this target definition is clear, Rado persistently plays the role of the various tennis tournament sponsor, and in order to establish their own brand image and reputation.

the famous tennis Rado diagonal bell

A successful initiative as a sponsor of the tennis tournament, Rado was the invention of a tennis match on the angle bell. Once launched, will soon become the world tennis stadium fixed facilities.

Initially, the tennis match just diagonal clock shows the time, date, and time ordinary tools of game. Rado, a world-renowned watch brand improved diagonal bell With the courage of the pioneer spirit, on this basis in 1996 and taken a revolutionary step.

Improved equipment to add a full range of digital information, a function of the of testing outdoor temperature, humidity and ball speed, and progressive display in the form of show in the world.

Rado tennis top timing and speed

- 6 hours and 35 minutes at the 2004 French Open, Roland Garros, Rado diagonal bell recorded the longest in the history of modern tennis game – the French players ArnaudClerment and FabriceSantoro fighting full 6 hours and 35 minutes finally achieved their first victory of the qualifying round.

The same as it was at the 2005 French Open, Roland Garros, Rado diagonal bell recorded the fastest ball speed – 226Km / h (226 kilometers per hour) by the German players NicolasKiefer hit!

Tennis Rado highest level timing function

In 1996, organizers of the world mens tennis – Professional Tennis Association, Rado as “Professional Tennis Association Tour official table. Vocational Web Consortium executive (in office until 2003) LARRYSCOTT pointed out in his speech: “Rado is synonymous with precision, there is no doubt that it is the ideal partner of the Association of Tennis Professionals Tour.”

After only one year, Rado, Union signed a contract with the International Tennis, Davis Cup tennis timing right. Began in 1900 Davis Cup is the worlds oldest tennis competition, all contestants have worked hard for their victory. These players Rado in common, that is, steadfastly toward the established goal, never compromise. For a tennis star, at the exact time to enter the state, in order to win a game, or even Championship. For Rado, an impeccable design to create a superior quality and enduring outstanding watches.

Rado hitting corner – experience tennis and Rado charm

Rado stroke angle (RADOSMASHCORNER) is the radar table tennis tournament sponsored architecture in a very attractive and very popular activities. Whether it is tennis career personnel, amateurs, visitors or viewers – Rado hitting angle to give them all the opportunity to verify test their batting strength and speed.

2006 Roland Garros stadium you will see the Rado batting the angular champion Gallery, each participant will be pre-guess before hitting the ball while batting swing shape will also be filmed, all photos will quickly be uploaded to the Rado website, the striker free to download the batting mail them to friends.

Paris Design Tour

Every city has its own unique design. Most tourists can only come into contact with those obvious things, independent of time or embedded in the design philosophy behind some buildings, bridges, streets, pattern element AAC Block Machine cheap prime, and still be regarded as different unusual and timeless. First, they kind of art form, and even some famous grand design sometimes subject to dispute Rado products – this is very similar to this Rado is designed specifically for the media and his party on his tour.

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