Abandon the traditional concept of packaging machinery intelligent clay brick making machine china wholesale concern

HC Machinery Industry Network] clay brick making machine china manufacturer of China, Jiangsu, Wuxi, Changzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou has been approved by wholly foreign-owned, a joint venture of packaging and printing company has more than 120 registered capital has reached more than 600 million yuan. This momentum we must pay attention to the development of the packaging and printing industry, the fastest growing of the four pillars of modern packaging industry, paper, plastic, glass, metal, paper products, plastic flexible packaging.

in the companies surveyed, 26% of enterprises believe that the pharmaceutical business will increase, 19% of companies believe that day home of the class of business will increase, 17% of companies believe that food and beverage class of business will increase. At the same time, 32% of enterprises believe that the electronic label business will decline, 22% of enterprises believe that the liquor business will decline. Domestic by the financial crisis larger export enterprises in the electronics industry, the toy industry, and other industries, particularly when it comes to peoples needs industries such as pharmaceutical, home, basic industries such as cosmetics, petrochemical, beverage and retail merchandise not be a big impact.

With Clay brick making machine china factory The powerful smart packaging industry continues to expand in the protection, services, information and other aspects of its use in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, logistics and more widely.

control function intelligent control system is the brain of the machinery and equipment, the core device of the action command is issued. Currently, pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers generally use the programmable controller (PLC controller clay brick making machine china suppliers), this device does not have a powerful industrial computer (PC) has. For most of the traditional mechanical control devices, using PLC clay brick making machine china wholesale appropriate, because of the need to control the number of parameters is limited, many places is still controlled using mechanical means, for example, torque control is the use of a mechanical clutch for a motor overload protection.

However, with the improvement of the degree of automation equipment, computer-controlled devices are increasingly applied to the equipment on a variety of sensing device which detects parts, the control unit, actuator number is very large, this when the PLC will not be able to manage and control the parameters of so many industrial PC is the best choice.

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