AAC Block Machine low price of second-hand housing wealth management classroom recipe articles

tax shelters with the Beijing Local Taxation Bureau issued “on the adjustment of the price of second-hand housing transaction tax notice setting minimum tax price, the sale of second-hand housing as” yin and yang contract will end. To buy a house with the idea of ​​financial management, the operating room of course, yes, the key is to achieve a reasonable financial management in the legal premise.

“to buy a house?” working-class has become a greeting. Hundreds of millions of AAC Block Machine cheap daily house prices are likely to climb to the working-class to the back of a snail shell, but also began to carry heavy loads. Recently, the reporter interviewed several experts familiar with the financial management of the housing business for sale, some of them out of the recipe and hope to give the “snail home a little fiscal prompted.


recipe to see the nature of second-hand housing housing

“notice” on the adjustment of the price of second-hand housing transaction tax, recently introduced, I love my family real estate brokerage business director Shao Haiying cited an instance. Housing availability in sea Triumph announced for this special second-hand goods, it is assumed that the contract unit price of 12,000 yuan / square meter, the tax payable by the buyer before the tax, deed tax and stamp duty, a total of 24,180 yuan, seller payable taxes stamp duty and sales tax, a total of 86,580 yuan. Accordance with the notice of the tax, the minimum tax price of 13,268 yuan / square meter the revised minimum tax price of 12670.94 yuan / square meter, the buyer pay taxes to 25,531.9 yuan, seller pay 91,420.8 yuan, now pay taxes than before more than the buyer to pay more 1351.9 yuan; seller 4840.8 yuan to pay more.

ago, as long as the same building, the same building ages, then the price of the minimum tax is consistent. Notice after the introduction of the second-hand housing is divided into a used commodity housing, special used commodity housing longer listed Yigougongfang, then listed six categories of affordable housing, the second-hand office space, used commercial buildings, subject to the completion of the era, the floor , housing types, and the final selling price will be very different, so the purchase of second-hand housing must ask these attributes of the house.

chain of family property, house a large fortune real estate and ten million real estate second-hand housing intermediary agencies, the Inland Revenue Department released the prices compared with last years benchmark premium different regions of the lift are different. More significant increase is mainly concentrated in the the Haidian area and the Xuanwu District of Guanganmen within the region, an average increase of between 100-200 yuan, of which most obvious on the ground in the Haidian area or up to 682 yuan. And a larger decline in the share of public houses Tung Chau YUQIAO and pear orchard area, a decline of 8.81% Jianguomen, Dongdan area, a decline of 6.14%; sharp drop in second-hand housing areas Donghuamen fell 7.9 AAC Block Machine low cost 5%. The best investment will personally inquire into the clear and then shot.

But households recipe for two couples

properties transferred name

houses are home to the largest overhead for most families, many couples are willing to property distinguish this may be a case that the original real estate license to write her husband name, and now his wife want real estate license to write their own name. Kang Sheng, general manager of Beijing Wei Jia Anjie Investment Guarantee Corporation remind this couple, do not take the way of transfer, transfer to pay the deed tax and business tax of 1.5 percent. Change the property rights were only able to save money is the husband and wife to change the name of property rights, real estate license says husband name to get the Housing Authority can spend five dollars replacing his wifes name. But other relationship between housing grants, trading must pay the deed tax and business tax.

the recipe three abandon

train services

many real estate companies to provide loans of train services. Yasukatsu Housing Fair generates direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include the assessment of fees, legal fees, insurance premiums, loan service fees, some banks or real estate companies and all of these costs, some received only part, related to the second-hand housing assessment fee some prices by 3 ‰ to 5 ‰ received, some only take three or four hundred; overheads greatest manifestation of mortgage interest rates, some banks require second suite no longer give preferential interest rates, some banks according to the area defined prime rate. These require consumers to inquire, if you enjoy one-stop service, is likely to miss some of them to save money opportunities.

 Yasukatsu also pointed out that the maximum value of the second-hand housing intermediary agencies in fact reflected in the AAC Block Machine best price provide listings. AAC Block Machine low price for the purchase of second-hand housing people wish the Internet looking for the seller, so that eliminates the need for a fee of 2.5% of the housing transaction price charged by intermediaries. Second-hand housing chain including turnover, transfers, loans, and now the most costly turnover link, obviously uneconomical.