3D concept of collective block making machines from china manufacturer pulled up the machinery at the source afternoon, up 8%

3D stocks afternoon collective pulled, rose 4.16%, block making machines from china manufacturer as of 14:00 pm, the Haiyuan machinery rose 8.01%, Hans Laser light rhyme rose more than 4% , the aircraft heavy machine, robot, Hongchang Electronics also rose more than 2%.

a Haiyuan machinery afternoon once pulled up 8%

news surface, Munich CIOE recently held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, show 3D laser printing, ultrashort pulse laser and so the worlds most advanced laser technology and equipment. Munich International Exhibition Company revealed that the the global laser industry scale has reached 300 billion euros this year, will keep 10% of the growth in the United States, Germany, block making machines from china supplier day, among the top four.
according to the latest annual report released by the U.S. Consumer Electronics Association, 2012, the size of the global 3D printing market (including related materials) is $ 2.1 billion more than in 2011, this figure increased $ 400 million, rose to 25.53%. 3D printing market with the continued growth of the market demand in the automotive, aerospace, medical care, a conservative estimate of the scale of 017 years, block making machines from china factory will be more than 5 billion U.S. dollars in the 2 block making machines from china wholesale.