Zhan pure new: outstanding performance & bricks making machine china factory ldquo; Chinese engineering machinery, “the backbone of the

[Chinese construction machinery brand network Recently, known in the industry as the Chinese economic sphere "Oscar" award "CCTV China Economic Person of the Year Award was announced. , Chairman of Zoomlion (000157) Zhan pure new lead Zoomlion, with its outstanding Continue reading

The amazing creative completely repression! 15 unusual creative buildings from around the world, block making machine in china low cost them to make the world a more wonderful!

a wonderful building can represent the entire geographical and even the whole country, no matter what time we have to admire the architect, because their wonderful creativity to make the world more exciting! Immediately followed poster series compiled a look Continue reading

2013 Brick machine china factory domestic construction machinery and equipment for the development of leading enterprises Analysis

Hengli ​​cylinder supplier Caterpillar Valve force prospects early 2011, Hengli cylinder high-tech enterprise certificate recognized by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, the domestic industry extremely rare for the certification of enterprises. With the innovation in products and services Continue reading

March 17 the dairy machinery industry, the most popular industries with concrete block making machine manufacturer distribution – Ali Index

industry Name industrial belt region industrial belt index number payment number industry with distribution with hot industry Dairy Machinery Zhejiang Wenzhou City 113.7 491 0 maps popular industry dairy machinery Shandong Zibo City 70.8 78 1 maps popular industry the Continue reading

3D concept of collective block making machines from china manufacturer pulled up the machinery at the source afternoon, up 8%

3D stocks afternoon collective pulled, rose 4.16%, block making machines from china manufacturer as of 14:00 pm, the Haiyuan machinery rose 8.01%, Hans Laser light rhyme rose more than 4% , the aircraft heavy machine, robot, Hongchang Electronics also rose Continue reading

Production and sales of Machinery Industry of the steady growth out of the concrete block making factory mouth a slight increase of 2.54%

In In 2012, the economic downturn at home and abroad, the mechanical industrial economic operation situation more severe, the main economic indicators fell by concrete block making factory greater than expected industry-wide for producing concrete block making wholesale sales growth Continue reading

0 brick making machine in china factory April 6 container machinery industry popular industry with distribution – Ali Index

brick making machine in china factory industrial belts industry name industrial zone Index product number payment number industry with distribution industry with popular industry container machinery Dongguan City 115.7 592 0 hot industry maps container machinery brick making machine in Continue reading