2013 Brick machine china factory domestic construction machinery and equipment for the development of leading enterprises Analysis


​​cylinder supplier Caterpillar Valve force prospects

early 2011, Hengli cylinder high-tech enterprise certificate recognized by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, the domestic industry extremely rare for the certification of enterprises. With the innovation in products and services and ongoing R & D capabilities, Hengli cylinder has become a high-tech enterprises have dozens of core intellectual property. Listing to raise funds for the construction of 200,000 excavator cylinder, 50,000 non-standard cylinder new plant projects have been completed, which makes Hengli become the worlds largest high-pressure cylinder production base. Constantly enhance the competitiveness of Hengli win more customers, expanding market share. Recently, announced Hengli cylinder has entered Caterpillar supply chain and valve products market.

Weichai portrait sponsorship of the Ferrari Formula One racing

Recently, Weichai Power, the worlds leading super sports car manufacturer Ferrari signed the brand sponsorship agreements, Weichai Power officially became support the worlds top global sponsor of the F1 team, became the first sponsor F1 Team China brand.

February 1, Weichai Power CEO Xu Xinyu attended the Ferrari Maranello headquarters in Italy (Maranello) held a press conference. Conference to announce the 2013 Ferrari F1 racing style, Weichai Power officially became a global sponsor of the Ferrari F1 team since the beginning of the meeting.

Yuchai Sealand Securities were seeking cooperation opportunities for development to achieve win-win

the afternoon of February 4, 2011, Yuchai Group, Yan Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors met in the momentum building China Sea Zhang Yafeng, chairman of the Securities and his party, the two sides exchanged views on finance, financial and other issues of common concern. The Yuchai Group CEO ancient Church students to participate in the discussion.

Yan-ping Yuchai finance, corporate development strategy and production and operation. Yan Ping said in recent years, Yuchai has been a good development. “Twelve Five” Yuchai to achieve 100 billion target, there are several projects are under construction, is progressing well. Yuchai to maintain the momentum of development, as well as some of the projects need to get the support of financial institutions want Yuchai Sealand Securities of strong support in the future development.

a drag Shares are proposed to 94.25 million yuan, chief investment officer towing company

a drag shares (601,038) February 17 evening announcement, the company intends to RMB 9,425 million unilateral long drag Agricultural Machinery Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “long drag Company”) capital increase.

on February 8, 2013 with the China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Local Group”), Changchun City, the state-owned Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as the “Evergreen SDIC” ), long drag co-signed a long drag on the First Tractor Company Limited long drag agricultural machinery and equipment set brick machine china manufacturer group limited Brick machine china supply supplier companies to increase their investment agreement “to be single direction brick machine china wholesale company capital increase of RMB 9,425 million, of which $ 94 million is included in the long tow company registered capital of 25 million included in long drag of capital reserves.

Xichai overseas markets, sales in the first month of 2013, a new high

Xichai machine known overseas advantage of low fuel consumption, low noise, high stability, January Xichai overseas the market have grabbed 60 equipped with the green steam CA4161 exports Indonesian market CA6DL1-30 orders, 100 parts by Hunan Tongxin the cold product orders in the export of Vietnamese 4DW Turbocharged, 300 power plant units, engine products are exported to South America, Brazil, Russia The …… 2012 Xichai export sales innovation high, reaching 12,194 units, 1.3% higher than in 2011.

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