201 clay brick machine wholesale sales of construction machinery upstream pressure will be reduced

According to the China Construction News Network News, the construction machinery industry to the inventory task affect the upstream finished sheet, spare parts, the performance of enterprises, the inventory cycle will end with the 2013 construction machinery, upstream is not The demand to pick up.

accumulation and product shelve the the resulting construction machinery demand for upstream acquisition decline

from Kazakhstan s alloy plate cost support interval of view of some first-tier steel mills whether the new resource concessions and downs March resource shortfalls efforts have expanded, the narrowing of the range of big ups and downs of the cost of support, reducing the mall determination.

the moment all level of resources is relatively low, but the short-term pressures remain relatively gathered, and a significant increase in output value and export significant atrophy constitute pressure on resources will make the the Hastelloy board again in April facing a process of resource Hastelloy plate mall, cash resources relative cost of rendering reduce the power of the mall to support the weakened tightening the price is expected to rebound in space, and thus, even about the weather warming, Hastelloy plate downstream showing the need to return to temperature, but the cost of resources pressures and a weakening will become the mall is expected to limit the price of the main factors.

Today downstream customers still more cautious, with the slowdown in economic growth, the construction machinery industry clay brick machine wholesale growth contraction-like, stock resulted in the upstream acquisition needs of the construction machinery industry also showed a decline.


engineering mechanical influences the demand for finished steel

, after the hot coil market staged last market Yindie. Postganglionic stock continued to rise, traders expected to fall, the downstream demand starts falling forward hot-rolled plate of delay and capital markets and futures markets staged unilateral confidence in rapid retreat of the overall steel market, market sentiment deteriorated, selling pressure increased.


started from this year, Chinas downstream engineering point of view, there are extension trend. In previous years, the downstream demand for cement in early March had started this year to mid-March, the demand for cement is still no large-scale start, peak season after the extension of the construction machinery industry sales situation is not ideal.

four trillion stimulus plan to promote the construction machinery industry after the explosive growth, with the slowdown in economic growth in China, the construction machinery industry The growth rate of contraction, a large area of ​​the backlog and idle cause its upstream procurement of finished steel demand also fell.

parts enterprises affected

2012, less macroeconomic growth, investment downturn, followed by automotive and construction machinery industry growth rate of price decline. 2012 annual net profit is expected to decline as most of the upstream automotive suppliers.

reporters to incomplete statistics, as of January 22, a total of 38 auto parts industry listed companies released 2012 annual results notice, 22 companies are expected net profit year-on-year decline, accounting for nearly 60%. Product and customer structure is a single enterprise performance decline is even more serious.

2012 years, production of construction machinery parts of various Japanese companies earnings clay brick machine manufacturers growth has started to slow down, as had been the rapid growth of Chinas market growth is slowing, Japan parts enterprises is highly dependent on the Chinese market. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, which owns construction machinery hydraulic valves and hydraulic pumps, hydraulic equipment business affected by the slowdown in the Chinese market, these businesses, including precision machinery sector in the current fiscal year operating profit is expected only by 1% year-on-year, to 27 billion yen. 2-digit growth compared with the previous fiscal year will be slowed down significantly. Toshiba Machines hydraulic equipment sector operating profit is expected to flat with the previous fiscal year, only one billion yen.

the inventory cycle will end

along with the 2012 depth adjustment, machinery and equipment vendors have been ongoing inventory liquidation phase. January 2013 sales lower than expected phenomenon, higher inventory on the market to digest the previous inventory has also led to weaker-than-expected sales in January. Rapid inventory digestion, the construction machinery industry will benefit from upstream.

the current size of the inventory of the heavy truck industry may be around 120,000, the equivalent of a sales season sales.

reality how? According to the survey, some enterprises in dealer inventories have been at historic lows, pressure car phenomenon is gradually improving.

In fact, some dealers in the second quarter of this year, Clay brick machine factory in digest 2012 inventory also quite confident.

brokerage researchers said the results from the research point of view, the current inventory at a more normal level, even in February, there have been re-stocking .

According to Shenyin survey, dealers generally the peak season for sales of confidence, Clay Brick machine supply and road freight companies said in the increase in the demand for heavy truck , may benefit from a faster return to work of the mine.